5 Ways Microsoft Edge Has Made My Life Easier as a Freelance Writer

The tools we use as writers shouldn’t just be in making our grammars are flawless. It’s also about making our work faster and more convenient.

Enjoying organized and clutter-free research with Collections

The first reason I moved to Edge a few years ago is the built-in Collections feature. Collections allow you to easily collect information from different websites and organize them into manageable groups to pick up again later.

Using smart copy functionalities

How often have you tried copying something from the web that you ended up with ruined formatting when you paste? This one seems like the simplest feature, but it’s also when you add up these minor inconveniences that take up unnecessary time.

Photo from Windows blog

Organizing my focus with tab groups

I’m one of the people who hate having too many tabs on my browser. It confuses me, making it difficult to search for what I need without clicking a wrong tab four times first. Edge added a function to organize your browser tabs into groups that you can rename and minimize.

Reading without distractions using Immersive Reader

Writing has a lot of research involved. Even with topics you already know, it’s best practice to still research to fact check and cite sources. Unfortunately, some publishers have a ton of ads on their page that becomes distracting to look at in your peripheral vision, especially if these are dynamic images that change frames and colors every second.

Photo from Windows blog

Hassle-free quick searches with Define and Sidebar search

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