The tools we use as writers shouldn’t just be in making our grammars are flawless. It’s also about making our work faster and more convenient.

I’ve advocated for helpful tools to stay on top of productivity ever since I started writing here on Medium. But Microsoft Edge deserves a post of its own due to the many benefits I’ve reaped in the past months.

This isn’t a sponsored post (ha, I wish!), but this productivity…


It’s all about maximizing the time you allot and effort you exert for the most optimal profit.

Many people want to do side hustles but are unsure of where to begin. Common considerations include how much time you can allot, or how much extra income you want to generate. But for me, there are specific considerations I look at before engaging in any type of side hustle.


Juggling a lot of things don’t have to be challenging. Here are five simple practices you can do to make managing your time easier.

There was a time in my life when I simultaneously had a full-time job, ran two businesses, did freelance work, and took a master’s degree. All while enjoying my me-time of binge-watching, 6 to 7 hours of daily sleep, and keeping my partner happy. Many people have called me out…


Simultaneously working on a lot of things can get overwhelming. Here are seven digital tools that make juggling tasks more convenient and efficient.

I’m an advocate of technology because it makes us more efficient in every day life. As consumers of the digital era, we live and breathe social media, enjoy the accessible vast resource and entertainment on the internet, and utilize digital tools and applications that allow us to function stress-free.


Azelle Lee

A digital marketer and copywriter for hire who found yet another medium to write posts about a specific niche. For hello’s and collabs:

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